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Id. State Init date (dd/MM/yyyy) Finish date (dd/MM/yyyy) Description Notes
00000011 Identified 19/04/2007 Write a tutorial for the most basic tasks: creation, development and deployment of a simple application based on PORTIONS Framework.
00000010 Identified 11/01/2007 Create custom-tags equivalents to the html custom-tag library of Struts.
00000009 Finished 01/01/2007 15/01/2007 Prepare a sample application. There is a little sample application to show the PORTIONS framework in action. You can get it from the Downloads section.
00000008 Initiated 01/01/2007 Eliminate the dependencies with the displaytag and displaytag-portlet libraries (it implies some changes in the displaytag library). It has been opened a new task DISPL-428Open new window in the DisplayTag project.
00000007 Identified 01/01/2007 Increment the number of validators given by the framework.
00000006 Identified 01/01/2007 Complete the Action classes catalog.
00000005 Finished 01/01/2007 11/01/2007 Internationalization of the messages produced while executing the applications (exception messages, log messages, etc). The exception messages and the messages of the log level "fatal", "error", "warn" and "info" are obtained from the MessageResources file.
00000004 Finished 01/01/2007 18/01/2007 Implement the use of the validate() method of the PortletForms from the controller. Using the validate attribute of the action element of the portlet-config.xml configuration file (its default value is "true") you can tell the controller if must execute or not the validate method of the form (note: a "false" vlaue in this attribute will not take effect on the validations of the plug-in "net.sf.portions.validator.ValidatorPlugIn"). Because of the resolution of this task, the signature of the validate() method of the PortletForm class has changed.
00000003 Identified 01/01/2007 Creation of unit tests using a framework like JUnit (www.junit.orgOpen new window).
00000002 Identified 01/01/2007 Review of the documentation.
00000001 Finished 25/01/2007 09/04/2007 Translation of the documentation and the Web site of the project.

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